We accelerate the bioeconomy in Catalonia

Support services for the development of bioeconomy projects and technological innovation

BioBoost aims to mobilize and catalyse 30 million euros of investment in bioeconomy projects (small and medium-sized) in Catalonia. The sectors involved include the primary production sectors, which use and produce biological resources, as well as all those economic and industrial sectors that use biological resources and processes to produce food, animal feed, products of biological origin, energy and services.

Welcome to the BioBoost Project video presentation! Explore our innovative services and their impact on the bioeconomy in Catalonia. From agriculture to energy generation, join us on this journey of sustainability. Watch, enjoy, and be inspired to be part of the change.

BioBoost is a European project that aims to activate the potential of Catalonia to become a showcase for the deployment of the bioeconomy in Europe

BioBoost is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research program that aims to accelerate the implementation of bioeconomy projects in the region of Catalonia.

Accelerator bioeconomy projects in Catalonia

The bioeconomy project Accelerator will be an office that will offer assistance services for the development of bioeconomy projects from June 2023.

  • Technical and Engineering
  • Business and Finance
  • Legal and Administrative
  • Facilitation, impact mapping and circular economy

A multidisciplinary team, specialized and linked to the territory

The BioBoost Project has a multidisciplinary consortium formed by four Catalan companies familiar with the territory. This consortium concentrates the range of expertise and its needs in order to address the transversal barriers that bioeconomy projects encounter, as well as to exploit to the maximum the potential of each particular project.

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