Alcarràs Bioproductors: an example of an accelerated project

Bioboost offers support for business acceleration in bioeconomy projects. 

But, what is a bioeconomy project? How do we help systemic projects? 

Check out the results of our first accelerated project: Alcarràs bioproductors. 

Main outlines: 

From a private scale anaerobic digestion plant to a territorial & collaborative waste sludge management producing gas for agricultural machinery, providing ecosystem benefits such as:  

  • New strategic innovation area in the transformation of agricultural motors 
  • New access to public funding for the decarbonization of agriculture activities 
  • Innovation in logistics and business models for the distribution of biofuels 

From using the digestate in their own compost, to developing high quality fertilizers to commercialize, an initiative with other ecosystem benefits: 

  • Ecologic and regenerative agriculture as a production model (and CO2 capture) 
  • New proposals of public incentive measures to foment the usage of this type of product 
  • New technology innovation areas and business development economic aids 

Bioboost’s support includes transversal services in regulations, legalization and financing. 

Download the project file for more information. 


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