The accelerator of bioeconomy projects in Catalonia

The Bioeconomy Project Accelerator is an office that offers assistance services for the development of Bioeconomy projects.

Through these services, the aim is to vitalize the growth of the bioeconomy in Catalonia. Specifically, these services aim to overcome the specific and systematic barriers that prevent bioeconomy projects from reaching the investment stage.

Project Development Assistance (PDA) services

Our goal is to catalyze the growth of bioeconomy projects in the territory. Given the multidisciplinary nature of BioBoost consortium, the PDA services provided will be categorized in 4 main categories:

Technical services. In this category are included those services required to understand the technical aspects of the projects and provide assistance regarding the best fitting technologies according to the project specific characteristics. The services include:

  • Assessment of the project material inputs and consumption needs: typology, quantity, origin, etc.
  • Basic engineering study: feasibility evaluation of the project proposed technology and/or proposal of the best fitting technologies to maximize project’s environmental and economical outcomes.
  • Evaluation of complementary technologies
  • Support on the decision-making process

Business and financing services. This category covers the economic aspects of the project, mainly regarding the identification of the most appropriate business strategy and evaluation of the financing needs and opportunities:

  • Evaluation of the potential economic and social impacts of each of the project opportunities identified (projects and region benefits: employment, pollution’s reduction, renewable energy incorporation, etc).
  • Definition of the most appropriate business model based on the technology chosen and identified value chain.
  • Support on structuring the project required investments based on the identified business model and chosen corporate structure.
  • Identification of existing and suitable funding instrument according to the project needs.

Legal and administrative services. In here are included those services generally linked with the identification of national, regional and local policies or administrative regulations and how to approach them in a more effective way.

  • Identification of the project corresponding environmental intervention arrangement (environmental authorization or license).
  • Evaluation of complimentary administrative authorization needs based of the different project opportunities identified (related to the activity, i.e. GHG emissions authorization, wastewater management, etc.)
  • Project’s facilities urban compatibility and territorial, urban and landscape constraints analysis.
  • Legal evaluation on project’s inputs and outputs usage and management.
  • Legal advice on contract definition and evaluationIdentification of policies supporting project’s implementation
  • Advice on project’s corporate structure matters and related financing legal aspects.

Facilitation, mapping impact and circular economy services. Here are included those services oriented to identify the complete project’s value chain, to support on the identification of the project network and stakeholders and to expand the project’s impacts. Based on this, the services included are the following:

  • Mapping of project’s complimentary inputs and outputs to ensure and maximize economic benefit and system impacts. Proposal of different project opportunities (when possible).
  • Identification of potential project synergies with the surrounding metabolism.
  • Project output’s market identification and entrance feasibility.
  • Mapping and detection of stakeholders in each of the project’s opportunities.
  • Evaluation of the potential systemic benefits of the project and calculation of the ESG benefits.
  • Support on the construction of the storytelling to ensure the engagement of the project’s stakeholders and involved communities.
  • Support on the decision-making process based on the different opportunities identified and system impacts 

We are looking for Biobooster projects to whom we can offer our services

We offer free strategic assistance services specialised in bioeconomy for the development of systemic projects, with a high impact on the territory, with the aim of reducing investment risk an execution times.

We are looking for projects that meet the following requirements:

  1. Bioeconmy projects (transform renewable biological resources and produce materials, energy, products or services in the bioeconomy sectors)
  2. They have a systemic impact
  3. They need collaboration between different interest groups to be successful
  4. They are located in Catalonia
  5. They promote investments above €1M

If you think your project can take advantage of this opportunity, don’t hesitate to fill out the questionnaire. We will contact you and see how we can help you accelerate you bioeconomy project. Together we can make your project a reality.

Help us drive the bioeconomy in Catalonia!


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