Organization of the First Investor Roundtable

On November 28th, Bioboost organized the first Investor Roundtable held at the Norrsken offices in the city of Barcelona, Europe’s largest hub for technology and impact, a purpose-driven community that brings together founders, investors, talent, and facilitators.

The event, which was also available for remote attendance, saw the participation of various financial entities such as Nactiva, Suma Capital, and Nara Capital. All of them are focused on providing financing to innovative projects that promote a positive environmental, social, and economic impact.

The objective of this inaugural Investor Roundtable was twofold. Firstly, it aimed to analyse the interests and needs of investors to make projects more attractive to this group.

During the discussions, the attendees emphasized the importance of eco-regenerative projects with a positive impact and efficient resource management. Additionally, they highlighted the significance of demonstrating future market potential and the scalability and replicability of bioeconomy projects to make them more appealing for investment.

In the second part of the conversation, the focus shifted to sectors of particular interest to investors. Agriculture, livestock farming, forestry, food, bioenergy, and water regeneration emerged as sectors with high potential. However, the attendees acknowledged common barriers to investment across these sectors. This information was valuable for Bioboost, as it helps identify key investment challenges, allowing the team to develop tools to address common barriers.

The event concluded with presentations of some projects supported by Bioboost, also known as Bioboosters. Investors expressed interest in most of these projects, requesting further details to evaluate them as investment opportunities. Additionally, there was interest in creating a portfolio of investment-ready projects categorized by type to facilitate matchmaking between investors and projects.

The success of the Investor Roundtable was evident, as attending investors showed a keen interest in investing in the presented opportunities. They validated that the services provided to Bioboosters have brought them to a mature state and ready for investment. While some of the highlighted BioBoosters are still in the development phase, it was agreed that once completed, they would be officially presented to investors for further evaluation.

Looking ahead, Bioboost is poised for continued growth and success. Building on the momentum generated by the Investor Roundtable, the program will embark on the next phase of its journey. With valuable lessons learned and recommendations received, future roundtable events will be optimized to maximize participation and expand the program’s reach.


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