Bioboost, a bioeconomy accelerator consortium in Catalonia, is born

On Friday, June 3rd, the Bioboost consortium began its journey, which for the next 4 years will provide technical-economic support to industries, entities and promoters who wish to develop projects to improve the use of natural resources, industrial symbiosis and circular economy. Bioboost, financed by the European Commission, will provide technical, economic and legal advisory services, which will be totally free for the promoters of the selected projects.

Bioboost aspires to be the accelerator of the bioeconomy in Catalonia. It was created with the aim of providing support and channeling investment for the development of this type of project. In this sense, the consortium has set the goal of obtaining 30 million euros in investments in the next 4 years for projects that take advantage of the biological resources of the agricultural and industrial sectors, such as energy recovery projects or waste material, and of circular economy.

The consortium in charge of leading the project is made up of the technical-economic consultancies specialized in sustainability Inveniam, Símbiosy and Aeris Tecnologías Ambientales, as well as the legal firm RocaJunyent.

“The selected projects will benefit from comprehensive legal advice, from the initial phase, which will allow them to adapt to the applicable sectoral regulations and anticipate any obstacle or administrative barrier that could condition the viability of their implementation. To this end, the Consortium will act in facilitator in communication with regulatory agencies and competent public bodies and will help in the search for solutions to any legal difficulties identified” explains Sergi Chimenos, partner in charge of the Public Law Department at RocaJunyent.

Source: RETEMA, 22/06/2022.


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