Bioboost at the 2nd BIT Congress in Lleida: Connecting with bioeconomy leaders

On September 28th and 29th, the Bioboost team had the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the 2nd Congress on Bioeconomy, Innovation and Technology (BIT) 2023 Edition in Lleida. This event brought together professionals and companies dedicated to bioeconomy, with a particular focus on alternative protein and forest valorization. Bioboost not only sponsored this event but also presented its project with the aim of fostering collaboration and innovation within the Catalan bioeconomy.

The congress provided a space for participants to share knowledge, establish connections, and explore new collaboration opportunities. Bioboost seized this platform to delve into its services as an accelerator and showcase its most recent success stories. The goal was to connect with other professionals in the sector and exchange innovative ideas that can contribute to the growth and innovation in the Catalan bioeconomy.

Bioboost’s team invited all participants to visit their stand, where more information about the project was provided, and possibilities for collaboration were explored. It was a perfect opportunity to discuss how to work together to achieve a more sustainable future and make significant progress in the fields of alternative protein and forest valorization.