Bioboost concludes the first Biobooster of the Accelerator

The Bioboost project has achieved a new milestone by successfully concluding the first Biobooster of the Accelerator, focused on the development of innovative solutions for waste management and renewable energy production. As part of this Biobooster, known as Alcarràs Bioproductors, Bioboost has identified new opportunities to maximize its impact in the territory.

Given the growing difficulty in managing the amount of waste and increasingly restrictive administrative barriers, Bioboost’s holistic approach has allowed the identification of difficulties, needs, and opportunities with a systemic vision of the territory.

One of the most prominent proposals is the expansion of the business model for the transformation of biogas into fuel for tractors. Through the installation of a “gas station” at the plant, the aim is to maximize the performance of digesters to obtain biogas suitable for agricultural vehicle engines. This initiative not only contributes to the renewable fuel distribution business but also addresses the decarbonization of agricultural activity and offers solutions to problems associated with livestock waste accumulation.

Furthermore, Bioboost proposes to expand into the fertilizer market, offering products such as the liquid fraction, rich in ammonium sulfate for field fertigation, and the solid fraction to produce high-quality organic fertilizers with ecological certification. This approach promotes organic and regenerative agriculture as a production model, contributing to CO₂ capture and fostering technological innovation in rural areas.

In the Alcarràs Bioproductors project, the collaboration of Bioboost to streamline administrative procedures, legalization of facilities, and application for grants stands out. With a consolidated and experienced team, this project demonstrates the potential of collaboration among various actors to promote innovation and sustainability in agriculture and waste management in rural areas.


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